Mayway USA China Herbal Course Tour for ACTCM Students, Staff, Faculty & Alumni

Join Mayway USA and ACTCM Professor Skye Sturgeon on a 3-day course/tour of Anguo, a vital cultivation and trading center for Chinese herbs and visit our Mayway Hebei herb processing facility. This educational opportunity is tentatively scheduled for September 19-22, 2012 (During Intersession at ACTCM). Last year, the tour was conducted during planting season. This time harvest will be in full swing and herb markets will be full of herbs from all over China.
After a Mayway Welcome Dinner in Beijing the evening of the 19th, the next morning a luxury tour bus will whisk everyone to Anguo, in Hebei Province, where participants will be immersed in a first-hand experience of China’s herb cultivation, processing and trading.
In addition to herb-related Anguo City sights, a comprehensive tour of Mayway Hebei, Mayway’s herb processing facility will be conducted. At Mayway Hebei, participants will have the rare opportunity to observe the intricate and elaborate methods and techniques involved in the correct processing of Chinese herbal medicine from cleaning, cutting, sorting, and drying, to packaging.
Licensed participants will also be earning CA or NCCAOM CEUs during the trip (approximately 22-25–pending) as lectures will be given throughout the trip.
See the information and photos from Mayway’s 2011 inaugural tour at
Touring Sites
• Mayway Hebei Herb Processing Facility
• Medicine God Temple
• Chinese Medicine Museum
• Anguo Herb Market
• Herb Fields near Anguo
The History and Economics of the Herbal Medicine in China (12 hours)
Speakers: Yvonne Lau, Skye Sturgeon, Wang Yan-Jun, Kou Gen-Lai
Part 1: In this four-part course we will explore the ancient history and present economy of Anguo City, China’s ancient Herb Capital. This lecture will be broaden participants understanding of the history of herbal medicine in China, in particular, how Chinese medicinal herbs are cultivated, prepared, and traded. In addition to the history of herb cultivation, an introduction to modern methods of processing herbs within a modern Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility will be presented. This course will give participants a broader understanding of both the Chinese and global market for traditional Chinese herbs and deepen their understanding of the herbs used in TCM practice in the West. This knowledge is crucial in helping participants evaluate and differentiate good quality, safe and effective herbs and herbal products for their patients.
Part 2
In this portion of the course we will be going deeper into the history of Chinese herbal medicine through a tour of the Medicine God Temple and the TCM Herb Museum of Anguo; both of which exhibit and elucidate many cultural and historical references related to Chinese herbal medicine. We will also visit the central herb market of Anguo City to tie this history to current herbal markets, supply and trading practices of Chinese herbal medicine.
Part 3
In this portion of the course we will be gaining hands-on experience in the exploration of Chinese herbal medicine through visits to herb fields to enhance participant knowledge of herb cultivation, agricultural practices and herb recognition. While viewing fields and farms we will discuss issues related to land-use and the sustainability of herb species.
Part 4
In part four of Anguo City: 1000 Year Old Herb Capital- we will have an opportunity for open discussion, Q &A and summaries by our experts.
The Skill and Science of Herb Processing (5 hours.)
Speakers: Wang Yan-Jun, Yvonne Lau, Skye Sturgeon, Teo Potts
Part 1 Processing and Manufacturing
Through the generosity of Hebei Mayway located in Anguo City participants will be able to see first-hand the skill and science of herb processing. This GMP Model Enterprise will be opening its doors for just the second time to a tour for foreign doctors. Participants will have the rare opportunity to be able to observe the intricate and elaborate methods and techniques involved in the correct processing of Chinese herbal medicine. This rarely shared information is crucial in training participants how to evaluate and differentiate good quality, safe and effective herbs and herbal products for their patients.
Part 2 Extraction and Chemical Analysis
In Part 2 of this tour guests will be shown the manufacturing equipment used to make powdered extracts and learn more how these are produced. The tour will also visit the Laboratory where participants will learn about the quality control equipment and tests performed on herbs to ensure their authenticity, quality and safety.
Herb Cultivation & Herb Extraction (3hours)
Speakers: Kou Gen-Lai, Yvonne Lau, Skye Sturgeon
During this morning, local experts in the field of modern herb cultivation will join our lecturers from the US to discuss important issues related to quality and safety. Topics to be explored include: cultivation and wild-crafting, use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in the cultivation of Chinese herbs, as well as a discussion of China’s domestic organic certification system. We will explore the manufacturing processes related to extraction in more scientific detail and how this relates to clinical use. All of these topics are essential in helping practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine gain more in-depth comprehension regarding the safety and efficacy of the herbs they dispense.
Herbal Dietary Therapy (3hours)
Speakers: Yvonne Lau
During lunch each day participants will be served meals prepared with medicinal Chinese herbs. Each dish will be presented with the therapeutic attributes of each of the herbal ingredients. This information coupled with tasting, and visual recognition will increase participants’ ability to prescribe Chinese herbal dietary remedies to their own patients.
Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel (Baoding City) (planned)
This Mayway-sponsored trip includes:
• Mayway Welcome Dinner in Beijing at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel (Haidian District)
• Round-trip transportation from Beijing to Anguo and Baoding and points of interest in between
• Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during tour
• Two nights of lodging at the Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel
• All educational classes
Cost of this tour: $400
What participants will need to arrange (not included in the tour price):
• Personal passport
• Chinese Visa
• Airfare to and from Beijing
• Ground transportation to and from Beijing airport
• Lodging in Beijing (Mayway Group rate available at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel (Haidian District) Last year, this was approximately $42/room including breakfast.
Other activities to enhance your trip (not included in the tour), if you want to come early or stay after:
Beijing City: the Forbidden City, Tianmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market
Nearby Beijing: Summer Palace and the Great Wall
Please RSVP by May 15, 2012
Please reserve as soon as possible since there is limited capacity (40 individuals)
Contact David Yang at or 510/208-3113 x8137 or Skye Sturgeon at or x8141, for more info.