I feel much more confident being an ambassador of herbal medicine from China. Education is as important to our work as dedication to detail in treatment.

– Mayway Tour Guest

I would like to thank you for inviting me to the Inaugural Tour of the Mayway Hebei herb processing facility in Anguo. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn in detail how conscientious Mayway is about their product – from growing in the fields to GMP manufacturing. I was also highly impressed with the excellent working conditions you provide your Chinese employees and know that they must have one of the most desirable jobs in their city. ┬áIn regards to your staff, both American and Chinese, I was extremely impressed by their hospitality, knowledge of products and knowledge of the manufacturing procedures in your facility.

– Michel Czehatowski

Thanks for everything. Your hospitality, generosity and attention to detail! Special thanks to Teo and Alisa for answering questions. This trip has given me a great deal to think about and share with my community.

– Kate Blalack

There is so much that I could say that I will leave it for ongoing feedback in my relations with Mayway going forward. With the space alotted here I will just say 108 thank yous! I have never been honored in this way by any vendor/compatriot in the medicine to this degree. I am so appreciative of Mayway’s graciousness and generosity. It’s been an experience beyond any imagination or expectation I could have had… and Mayway treated me as their honored guest on one hand, and as family on the other.

– Joshua Geetter